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Clear Orthodontic Aligner System

We carry out our simple orthodontics using clear aligners or Invisalign type of orthodontic aligners which is fast becoming a popular type of orthodontic treatment for adults. Used already by over 1.6 million people, clear aligner invisible braces provide many advantages to the user and greatly reduce the chair time spent at the practice.

There are numerous benefits to using Invisalign or any clear aligner system:

  • Invisalign type of braces or clear aligners are composed of hard wearing transparent plastic. The appliance is removable so can be easily cleaned. Clear braces are smooth and comfortable with no jagged pieces of metal or wire in the mouth to cause irritation as is the case with metal braces. You don’t have to restrict your diet or avoid certain foods.
  • Most importantly for many users, clear aligners really are practically invisible so you do not have to feel self conscious about your teeth while undergoing your orthodontic treatment.
  • They are as equally effective for adults as they are for teenagers and are used for a wide range of orthodontic issues such as generalised spacing, crowding, deep bite, orthodontic relapse, anterior cross bites and open bites.
  • The length of your treatment will greatly depend upon your case but on average will take between 4 -18 months or sooner.
  • Invisalign braces or clear aligners cost depend on the number of trays needed for the treatment to be completed, the number of appointments required, the laboratory fees.

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