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Kathy P.

Oral surgery

Tooth extraction

Should extraction of a tooth be the only option, for a troublesome wisdom tooth that requires surgical extraction or if your tooth just cannot be saved, we will ensure that your tooth extraction is carried out under local anaesthetic in a relaxed comfortable environment.

Cost of extraction: £350 – £700.

IV sedation

For very nervous patients we have an extremely experienced doctor (anaesthetist) who can be booked in advance to provide IV sedation during the dental appointments for routine fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, extraction, oral surgery, implant surgery or periodontal surgery.

IV sedation is carried out at an additional cost, this varies depending on the prescribed time needed for treatment. A written estimate is always provided in advance by the anaesthetist.

Periodontal surgery & Implant surgery

When patients suffer from periodontal disease, one of the treatment options may include periodontal surgery. The objective could be:

  • to improve the stability of teeth if there is bone loss and mobility by removing the plaque deposits from below the gum line
  • to correct the gum margin in cases of advanced gum recession especially when teeth are very sensitive
  • to increase the width and volume of the attached gum by adding mucografts or other connective tissue grafts.

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Implant Case:


Missing LR first molar tooth


Healing abutment in place


Implant showing following healing abutment removal


Permanent titanium abutment


Permanent crown in place



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